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Scambia nomeKraken
Volume (24 ore) €1,812,904,358.77
49,381.40 BTC
NazioneUnited States
Anno stabilito2011
Sito web
Kraken exchange News, Login , 24 ore volume trading €1,812,904,358.77 (49,381.40 BTC) Questo exchange supporta molte crypto currencies e [trading-pairs] è il [global-rank] rank worldwide. Questo sito è molto popolare [popular-country]

# Moneta Paio Prezzo Volume (24 ore) aggiornato

Delighted to be part of @krakenfx “A vision of the future” project. Kraken’s mission is to celebrate artists who are encouraging a better future through imagination and creativity by sharing their work on the streets of London, Manchester, and beyond!

🔮 The future is not yet written. It belongs to the creators.

🖼 Visit our digital art gallery to see a vision of the future from artist @fvckrender: #WealthCreators

🪙 Are you storing your #Bitcoin in the most secure way? Read Wallet Security 101 & get in control of your coins.

✨🌴 @mbsjq spotting in London!

Check out this amazing artwork here:

Keep an eye out for more in London & Manchester + share with the hashtag #WealthCreators 🇬🇧

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