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Nome ICOZeon Network
Data d'inizioGennaio 01, 2020
Data di fineGennaio 01, 2021
Strategy Management
Technology & Marketing
Media & Community

Zeon burned a total of 23,470,698,004 ZEON, equivalent to 83,500,000 USD worth of tokens.
This 3rd ZEON burn is the highest-ever in US dollar terms. #zeon #news #crypto #ethereum

Our 2nd token burn 1 billion ZEON being burned and being removed from the ecosystem forever. This equates to around $1 million. It is a strong sign that the our business model is functioning at a very healthy rate.
#news #cryptocurrencies #bitcoin #defi

The safety of users’ assets and DeFi ecosystem is based on 20 Ledger X devices.
To get the best experience, users ask to add ZEON as supported crypto asset @Ledger @Ledger_Support
#cryptocurrency #ethereum #defi #ledger

🌐All financial service activities, decentralized financial applications of ZEON Network will be authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.
The project stands on a par with the largest companies in the world.
#Bitcoin #Etheruem #news #ZEON #crypto

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Prezzo1 ZNC = 0.0005 USD saldi30,000,000,000 Metodo di pagamentoETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Fiat
investimento minimo50 USD Distribuzione60% SollevatoN/A
Cap morbido2,000,000 USD difficile Cap15,000,000 USD
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